The Faculty of Education has been serving the local needs since the establishment of this institution. We have shown our excellence in teaching, conducting research, and serving the public. Teachers and students at all levels benefit from the expertise of our lecturers and our professional experience. The Faculty provides students with the opportunities to develop their teaching skills through internships at outstanding schools in several provinces in the eastern Thailand. Our committed lecturers provide close support to our students and to the locals. We have become a center that supplies flexible learning strategies to in-service teachers as well as others whose careers relate to the teaching profession. In accordance with the national policy on educational reformation the faculty regularly holds seminars and other types of training for the benefit of professionals working in education within the region. Our programs have been developed in close consultation with local academics, individuals with unique folk knowledge, and the national education profession, for the advantage of students and those who have careers in education. The Teacher Profession Development Center for the eastern Thailand has been established. The Demonstration School is outstanding and available as an education laboratory as well as for gaining distinctive professional experience. Many of our lecturers are well-known nationwide. They have shown their responsibilities in educational promotion and reformation. In addition, they regularly provide in-service teachers with new approaches and technology.

The Faculty specializes in Early Childhood Education, Physical Education, Educational Administration, Thai Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Computer Education, Science Education, Social Studies Education, and Special Education. Master Degrees in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction are currently our most outstanding programs. Moreover, Graduate Diploma of Teaching Profession is our expertise. Graduate programs in other disciplines are being developed. We encourage international universities to establish collaboration, particularly exchange projects with our faculty for world academic growth.

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