As the Eastern Seaboard project has become a success, businesses of all kinds have expanded in size and increased in numbers. Many export centers have since been established. Despite the increased industrial growth, the coast, the forests, and other sites in the East still maintain their beauty and attraction. The Faculty of Management Sciences has supported many of those regional businesses by offering programs appropriate for their staff. As a result of the business and management programs offered by the Faculty, the university has seen an increased number of weekend students, including members of the business community, who regard our university as a business learning center. In addition, the university is often sought out for its consulting expertise.


The Faculty features programs in Tourism Industry, Business Economics, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management, Business Computer, and Accountancy. The Faculty provides students with the opportunities to acquire professional qualifications in the practice of business. It is aimed at the students mastering the skills, techniques, and procedures of business management and related areas. In addition, we allow students to apply their knowledge and skills to actual business management situations through internships and field studies.The objective of the Faculty of Management Sciences is to advance academic opportunities and develop our graduates for middle and upper-level positions in the public and private sectors.We welcome international collaboration

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