The Faculty of Law is a leading law center in the east of Thailand, both for its teaching and research. Our lecturers have a wide range of professional expertise and personal interest in specialist areas of the law. Our degree of law is a professional qualification as well as a rigorous and respected intellectual training. Our courses serve students who wish to enter the legal profession.

The Faculty provides students with opportunity for legal studies. Concepts, principles and rules of law can serve as laying the foundations for academic or professional careers in specialist fields. Our students are encouraged to explore the widest possible aspects of laws and related subjects. We provide our students with theories and practices. Students are led to explore law through mainly the social sciences. Compulsory and elective areas offer a wide range of courses. We offer a combination of the study of law with practical training in legal research.

Our expertise include the following major course contents: conduct of enquiry, consumer law, criminal justice, environmental law, family law, human rights, intellectual property, labor law, law and politics, methods of analysis, methods of inquiry, philosophy of enquiry, property law, private law, sociology of law, welfare law, and others that deal with ethical and legal issues over the full range of human, animal and plant. These range from traditional areas to those of immediate social, political and economic interests and relevance. These multidisciplinary schemes enhance our strengths and specializations both for instruction and research. We ensure that our students will have an adequate grounding in the relevant knowledge, skills and training by the end of the program. We welcome international exchanges from undergraduate to professional qualification.


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