Chanthaburi province is world famous for gemstones. Gem traders from across the world have chosen Chanthaburi province as their center for gem market. The Faculty of Gemological Sciences and Applied Arts was established to help promote and develop gemstones studies. Our faculty has played significant roles in promoting and developing gems as well as jewelry study and design. Our students learn the techniques used in cutting, polishing and grading gems as well as the instruments and methods employed in gem identification. They are trained in the use of gemological equipment, how to perform advanced gemological laboratory testing, and in the attainment of high gemological skills. Additionally, the Faculty offers a Product Design Program. Our courses also cover a wide range of applied arts. They are aimed to develop our students on both the science of materials and fashion designs. Our courses are intended primarily for students wishing to gain professional experience.

Apart from theories, our courses are well-resourced with workshops on campus and at Chanthaburi entrepreneurs and manufacturers, to assist in gaining the high levels of professional skills developed on the course. Our students are exposed to workshops and labs both on and off campus. They are assigned to work closely with manufacturing shops. They are trained and prepared for employment, and for further study at a higher level. Additionally, they can run their own businesses or become gemologists, jewelry designers, furniture designers, toy designers, and many more occupations. Our students learn to appreciate the beauty, art and science in these fields by studying along with their professional growth. They will find the gem, jewelry industry, and product design a wonderful combination of art and science. Our Faculty welcomes international collaboration.

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