The Faculty of Science and Technology prides itself in providing the highest quality educational services to its students. Our strengths are in providing our students with solid theoretical and practical skills. We have excellent facilities and well-equipped laboratories which offer students of all programs the best environments in which to pursue their academic goals. Moreover, students benefit from the high quality expertise of our teaching and research teams. The Faculty has a broad selection of courses to offer: Home Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Biology, Applied Statistics, Environmental Science, and Master in Science.

In addition, the Faculty has created and participated in many projects on and off campus. A Plant Genetic Conservation project has been created. A Math Learning Center has been started for the eastern communities of Thailand. Youth volunteer camping for environmental protection, coral reef preservation and propagation, marine conservation, biotech studies in Chanthaburi, rare plant propagation through tissue culture, and seminars on waste water and water pollution are just a few of the many projects with which the Science and Technology Faculty has been involved. The Faculty focuses on providing students with opportunities to enter the newly established and growing fields of science as well as other related areas. Moreover, we focus on developing educational programs to meet the local needs, particularly industry’s demands for the eastern seaboard. We invite all overseas universities interested in international collaboration to work with us.

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Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University (RBRU)

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